Character Information
Full Name Zinnia
Gender Female
Race Deku Scrub
Age 12
Date of Birth
Height / Weight 2'3'' / 16 lbs.
Homeworld Termina
Residence(s) The Forest
Occupation(s) Part-time helper at The Little Daisy
Moral Alignment Lawful Good
Date of Arrival June 4, 2009
Player Information
Roleplayer(s) Spirit
Type Fan Character
Status Inactive
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Zinnia was a Terminan Deku Scrub. She lived in the Kindle Forest.


Zinnia was a tiny, wooden creature with grassy leaves for hair and leafy "clothing" that changed color slightly depending on the season. Like all Deku Scrubs, she had a round mouth and softly glowing eyes.


Zinnia worked at the Deku Palace as a guard in training to help protect the Deku Princess, especially after the kidnapping by the monsters in Woodfall when the swamp had been poisoned. Before arriving in Portal Breach, she had never seen anything outside the Southern Swamp, although she loved to hear stories about the rest of Termina. On the Breach, she spent the vast majority of her time in the Kindle Forest.


Zinnia was naïve and inquisitive with a lack of understanding of important social things like personal space. She loved to meet new creatures and see new things. She was very impulsive and wreckless, and also lacked any common self-preservation instincts, which made her a great candidate for a guard because she was not going to run in fear from something.


She was able to do some simple magic. Most of her abilities were based more around dumb luck than actual skill, but she could be a decent, swift fighter.



Her parents and four siblings lived back in her village in Termina. They were either presumed lost to the force that took her point in time of Termina, or have possibly ended up in another Gamma.




Wind Waker Link


"Is Mr. Link here too? Did you come for tea or exploring?"

"We met here! I saw his hat and it reminded me of the hero who had saved my princess and I knew that he must be a hero too!"

”My princess is the princess of the Deku Kingdom!”

"I have not heard of a Sheikah, what do they look like?"


  • Zinnia was a fan character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.