Twilight Zone
Character Information
Full Name Teresa Lynn Miller
Aliases Twilight Zone, Twilight, Twi
Gender Female
Race Human Ghost
Age 9 (chronologically 26)
Date of Birth August 27, 1986
Height / Weight 4'0''
Homeworld Earth
Residence(s) Graveyard, The Forest
Occupation(s) None
Moral Alignment True Neutral
Date of Arrival June 3, 2009
Player Information
Roleplayer(s) Spirit
Type Fan Character
Status Inactive
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Twilight Zone is a young ghost who lives in the Graveyard of Portal Breach.


Twilight is a pale and scrawny young girl with short violet hair and bright green eyes.


Named Teresa in life, Twilight was a sickly child who had to spend most of her days indoors and visiting hospitols. She entertained herself by dreaming up fantasy worlds, and when she died she finally had a chance to explore and see the things she'd always dreamed of seeing.


Twilight Zone is not an evil ghost, she's very friendly and loves to play with other kids, living or dead. She has fun pulling pranks on people sometimes, though she doesn't ever want to really scare anyone. She's easily upset and cries easily, and she is pretty cowardly too, much more liekly to run crying to someone for help than to handle a situation herself.


Twilight has the power of imagination, anything she make-believes becomes real. This is great fun for her and usually stressful for anyone around her.



Her parents are both still alive. Her cousin, Duskin, is a ghost but isn't in Portal Breach.


Twilight looks up to Aicara.

She's like the baby sister Twilight always wanted. Twi loves to play with her. She calls her Ophie for short.

Roy Mustang
She has a crush on him, and sometimes follows him, invisible, but usually not for long before chickening out and running off.

One of Twi's best friends in Portal Breach becasue they are of similar age and both have big imaginations! She calls her TT for short.


"I live here, I can walk where I want to."


  • Twilight is a Danny Phantom fan character.