The Sanctuary

Located in the heart of Portal City, The Sanctuary is a common gathering place for the citizens of Portal Breach.


The Sanctuary is a haven for all citizens of the Breach. It is a common room of sorts and a place where regular dwellers, supernatural entities, and criminal minds all converge and mingle together as one. Located in the city [it is in fact the chatbox at the bottom of the forum's main page], the Sanctuary gives both new citizens and old the chance to meet new people and learn about recent events in Portal Breach. If you are new and don't know many people, or have just arrived to the Breach, the Sanctuary is the place to go to learn more about this new world you have found yourself in.


It has several couches and tables, giving off a cozy, warm and inviting atmosphere. There is also a kitchen for those who are hungry, a bathroom for those who need to take a quick break, and a pool at the back of the room. Other notable features include a balcony, an upstairs room (though rarely used) that has a few rooms and beds, a mysterious closet that seems to have a mind of its own, and shields for protection that spring up automatically if you wish to avoid getting hurt by someone rambunctious or bypass a nasty confrontation. Something also noteworthy is how, no matter how often it can be trashed or destroyed and left in a state of disarray by the end of the day, everything is pristine just as it was left by the time people return the next day.


The Sanctuary is often a go-to place for new arrivals and older citizens alike, but not much is known about its history.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • The kitchen seems to be able to provide any food that one might be able to imagine.
  • There is a swimming pool in one of the adjacent rooms.


Things can get a little wild and crazy in the Sanctuary from time to time, but everything that happens there is still considered to be in character.