The Reformat
Plot Details
Plot Type Site-Wide Major Plot
Plot Dates April-May 2012
Plot Coordinator Qorg
Deaths lots

What was it?Edit

Ever since the seizure of Carrie Akyla's laboratory out in the wastes, there had been something sinister lurking upon Portal Breach. Patiently, it waited for the horrors of Mister Dark to subside. Patiently, it watched as the citizens all went about their daily lives, compiling information of what they'd done and who they'd met. And patiently... it gathered its strength, nearing the final hour in which it would strike.

But that was all just dramatized forewarning!

This presence was set to strike, and stirke it did, sending out three datamines across the Breach to absorb its very essence. Sounds, smells, tastes, and more were affected, and only once the three datamines' locations were pinpointed were the citizens able to move to act. However, the elimination of the datamines was only the beginning. Soon, the citizens would have to fight for the very existence of the gamma itself!

Detailed SummaryEdit


Jo Pistonne Washu Hakubi Kev Terezi Pyrope  Psyche
Laharl Terra Branford Thomas Steele Black-Leg Sanji Natsu Dragneel
Wind Waker Link Xiao Xiao Karkat & Gamzee Ty Parsec Sollux Captor
Leo Montiago Sonia Montiago Ahsoka Tano Impa Zelda/Sheik
Ryoko Hakubi Link64 Zinnia Shadow Link Parasite
Naruto Uzumaki Megamind Hellboy Garrus Vakarian Equius & Nepeta
Harry Potter Nyreena Dark Savaridin Kefka Palazzo Blade Toyaka Dex S. Toyaka
Eric Fang Moistar Knightscar Castiel Lixan Linda Danvers
Barney Calhoun Dr. Facilier Proxy Lawrence Samara Fifer
Flashman Livewire Wheatley Nu Gundam Invader Zim
Pirate Lord Ridley Skyler Commander Shepard 5 MINERVA 4.0
Adam Jensen Ariana Lee Jacob Black Red Hood Shayera Hoi
Vincent Law Mushu The Good Doctor Evil Emperor Zurg Nergal Sr.

Three data mines, three locations, and the ultimate showdown with the main Portal Deity, Alpha.

Plot ManagementEdit

Sign-Up Requirements: Sign-ups began on December 17, 2011. RPers were allowed to sign up multiple characters, each one in turn being catergorized into the three groups of Organics, Robots, or Cyborgs. Sign-ups formally closed on March 28, 2012, after all previous plots had wrapped up.

Pacing: Daily


  • Plot Coordinator: Qorg

Threads Breakdown: (Total count - 33+)

Deviations from Original Plan:

The final battle took roughly a week longer than anticipated, but the participants were updated of this ahead of time and everything went smoothly.

Final OutcomeEdit