Portal Breach, also known as Gamma-X, is the location where the events of this RPG take place.


Map of Portal Breach


Portal Breach is a conglomerate of universes, a digital world created by the elusive Portal-X. Beings from all realities and planes were brought to Portal Breach in an attempt to save them from the destruction of their worlds... or at least that is what they are told when they arrive. Only Portal Breach and a select few other gammas remain, each ruled over by a respective Portal Deity. No one really knows just who or what these mysterious Portal Deities are. Their names seem to correspond to the letters of the Basic alphabet; there is a rumor that there is someone even more powerful than them, but our knowledge is very limited. Portal-X the Wise is a wily and unpredictable Portal deity, who seems to act erratically and upon his whims, despite being the savior of all who find their way to Portal Breach.

People are brought to Portal Breach through mysterious portals of energy. Iridescent and blue, they appear spontaneously while someone is going about their daily life and drag them through, willingly or otherwise. When they arrive, they can appear anywhere upon Portal Breach; be it in Portal City, in the nearby forest, or even the wide and vast expanse of the wastelands. Most people, however, seem to naturally drift towards the Sanctuary, a common area in the heart of the city where most people assemble. Through the Sanctuary, they can come to learn about Portal Breach from other citizens and get to know people who can help them start out in this new world. Those who come to Portal Breach can never leave it, however; their worlds are but memories left to live on in their minds.

Portal Breach is a diverse community, sprawling with interacting areas and the like. The city is a mesh of advanced technology and seems to contain aspects from each citizen's home world; you will find automobiles alongside spacecraft, suburban homes flanked by immense skyscrapers, and citizens that include humans from alternate realities, intelligent and suave robots, dangerous and alluring supernatural beings, and all-powerful space-faring extra-terrestrials. If a creature, being, or object exists, Portal Breach is almost sure to have it.


Below are listed several of the major areas that are found in Portal Breach: