Palace of Winds

The Palace of Winds

The Palace of Winds is a location in Portal Breach, having been pulled there from a time in Hyrule.


High above the clouds floats the enchanted Palace of Winds. It's sprawling structure includes chambers for residents as well as a a labrynth of dungeons full of death traps.


Under construction.


Under construction.


The vast majority of the beings within the palace are monsters from Hyrule. Many Darknuts, Stalfos, and Wizzrobes roam the halls, prepared to attack any intruders.

The two primary residents of the Palace of Winds are the Wind Mage Vaati and his strangely loyal minion, Xiao Xiao. Save the occasional kidnapped maiden, they are the only two that call the domain their home.


  • The Palace of Winds arrived on its own in Portal Breach from a future time of Hyrule. It is not from the same time as Vaati.
  • Vaati had planned to make the palace back in his tme of Hyrule, but was whisked away before he could do so.