Plot Details
Plot Type Mini Plot
Plot Dates Summer 2011
Plot Coordinator BansheeWails
Deaths 11

What was it?Edit

"Otokoyo is a secret they play in that town. It's a game... of hide...and seek... Sometimes the lights in the town get eerily brighter, and the whole town becomes a maze. But there are signs. If you follow the neon lights of "O", "To", "Ko" and "Yo" then you will find your way. When you get to the end, you'll arrive at the Otokoyo square, and when 7 kids arrive. The game begins. All kids must wear a fox mask to play. Otokoyo is nor a normal game of hide and seek. It's very... dangerous. They say that demons appear to steal away the children who play the game. And it's true, in the game of Otokoyo... kids will... disappear."

A strange city appears, decript in many ways but slowly the blazing neon lights that coil through out the city slowly grow brighter and brighter.

Detailed SummaryEdit


Krystal Kev Bloodscream Makina & Ouri
Primrose Popinjay Red Hood Tally Stevens Soma Cruz
Eric Fang Rasa Jacob Black

Sorincha, a girl in a fox mask came into the Santuary with flier for a game of hide and seek held within the city of otokoyo.


Gates of Otokoyo

Plot ManagementEdit

Sign-Up Requirements:

Pacing: Daily

Management: BansheeWails

Threads Breakdown: (Total Count - 11)

  • Stickys
    • The Game of Hide and Seek (sign up thread)
    • Death List
    • How Posting Goes
    • Skip List
    • The City of Otokoyo (location description)
  • Plot Threads
    • For whom the Gates open
    • Team Guri-n: Kev
    • Team Kiiro: Makina & Ouri
    • Team Murasaki: Soma Cruz
    • Team Aoi: Tally Stevens
    • The Great Bridge

Deviations from Original Plan: None

Final OutcomeEdit

All competitors met their end except for Jake who was the winner of Hide and Seek.