Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium is an arena where all sorts of training, spars, and other combat-oriented activities can take place. Located in Portal City, it can also host various sporting events.


A multi-functional sporting/sparring area, Olympic Stadium is the go-to place for spars, certain training settings, and even atheltic competitions. It is large and upkept, the area fixed and cleaned after every fight.


Amongst the lighting fixtures that accommodate those who wish to be flashier in their fights, there are also columns that can be seen at every corner of the place. The seats in the stadium are comfy and perfect for long sittings, allowing one to feel at ease as they watch the events. It is a roomy place and can house even the largest of beasts and creatures. It has an option to change the ground from a grassy field to a dirt patch, depending on what would better fit the situation if people so wish.


The Stadium has been around since the early days of the Breach, and it is more frequently used for spars than anything else.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • Fight Club
  • The Training Center


  • There are some medics on site, but they are always set to call for an ambulance if a fight ends up getting particularly rough.