Natsu Dragneel
Character Information
Full Name Natsu Dragneel
Aliases The Salamander
Gender Male
Race Human (Metahuman)
Age 16
Date of Birth Unknown
Height / Weight Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Residence(s) Unknown
Occupation(s) Unknown
Moral Alignment Unknown
Date of Arrival Unknown
Player Information
Roleplayer(s) MajinJustin
Type Canon Character
Status Active
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“I'm just getting fired up!”

Nastu Dragneel is a human from the country of Fiore, and has arrived at Portal Breach only a few months ago.


Natsu is an albino, average-sized teenage boy, with a rather muscular build and defined by his florescent pink hair that is naturally spiked. He stands somewhere between 5' 4 and 5' 7 tall, although he seems to be one of the smaller teenagers on the Breach. His eye color, while never truly defined, seems black or dark-brown, but turn red when he's using his fire while enraged.

His outfit keeps a general color scheme of black, white, and gold. Going from the neck-down, Natsu wears a white scarf with patterns of dragon scales covering it given to him from his adoptive dragon-father, Igneel. The next component in his wardrobe is a black vest with golden lining, successfully covering most of his chest so that only the center is visible. Held up by a brown belt and silver buckle, he also wears a waist-coat that is also black with a golden lining-over his baggy, white, short pants that are tied to his leg just below his knee by two black strings. Caping off his appearance is a pair of black sandals. Upon getting extremely, emotionally angry, Natsu's body shifts forms slightly to look like a dragon-he may gain skales, his nails may sharpen, etc.-showing signs of the Dragon Force power. These flashes will occur randomly when severely enraged until Dragon Force is unlocked, in which he gains control of it-and until then doesn't do anything but change his look temporarily.



Before Fairy Tail: Natsu was raised by a great fire-dragon named Igneel, who taught him the ancient ways of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Because of this, Natsu is one of the rare 'old-school' dragon slayers in the sense that he does not need an implant or an item to use his magic. Igneel fashioned him a scarf with stitchings of dragon scales that he wears all of the time, no matter what, and seems to aid him against evil magic. Alas, in the year 777X, Igneel vanished from the world. This left Natsu alone, and his mind was set on finding his lost dragon-dad. On his travels, he stumbled upon Makarov, the master of the Fairy Tail guild. Since then, he was raised in the guild with his guildmates, eagerly waiting to find Igneel again.

Early Years:









  • Natsu reacts violently/angrily when his hair is called 'pink', and refers to it as magenta.
  • Due to the nature of his abilities, it can be safely assumed that his clothing is fireproof.
  • Natsu tends to flare up with dragonic quallities, usually in the form of his fire manifesting into a dragonic limb even without him realizing it.