Mother's Call
Plot Details
Plot Type Mini Plot
Plot Dates Halloween 2012
Plot Coordinator Mary the zombie
Deaths 0

What was it?Edit

"Odd things begun to occur. Children feel slightly agitated, they will feel mischievous as if a dormant trickster has awakened. They will have trouble sleeping, for they will keep hearing a soft voice, someone beckoning them. Whenever sleeping, they would dream of a beautiful and colourful carnival. The dream remains the same and it is always oddly realistic, as a lucid dream would be."

The children of Portal Breach had disappeared one night, lured away by a witch. A few days later, there was an ad for a new circus in town with performers who look bear a striking resemblance to the missing children.

Detailed SummaryEdit


Plot ManagementEdit

Sign-Up Requirements:  RP-ers with children characters could sign up to be supporters of the plot. Once children sign ups were complete and the support roster filled, all other characters could sign up as regular plot participants.

Pacing: Daily


  • Plot Coordinator: Mary
  • Tracking: KiKi and Zimbo

Main Threads Breakdown: (Total count  - 11)

  • Sign Up Thread
  • News Update Thread
  • Mother - The children awakened in the middle of the night and were lured out into the streets by a song.
  • Circumstances - Kefka was placed under a spell to assist the witch
  • The Meaning of LOVE - Plot Participants arrive at the circus to look for the missing children, breaking up into five teams to investigate the grounds.
  • Individual group threads - By completing tasks set by the children (or via winning games) the participants gathered together pieces of a mask.
  • Family Reunion - With the mask pieced together, the participants enter the big tent to put an end to this event.

Deviations from Original Plan:

Final OutcomeEdit

  • Zero deaths
  • Enemy defeated
  • Circus disappeared and the scenery returned to normal (forest & graveyard)
  • Children and Kefka back to normal