Character Information
Full Name Minion
Aliases Min, Mitchell Finley
Gender Male
Race Unspecified fishlike alien
Date of Birth
Height / Weight
Homeworld Megamind's Planet/Metro City
Residence(s) Stock Pot Inn
Moral Alignment Neutral Good
Date of Arrival September 26, 2010
Player Information
Roleplayer(s) Zimbo
Type Canon Character
Status Active
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Minion is a fish, whose body is light green with dark green stripes. Several tendrils are on his body, some tentacle looking ones on the bottom of his belly, and two rows of them going down the top of his body, with what looks like some luminescent lights on the top of them. On his back, Minion has an antennae implanted into him, which presumably allows him to speak. Minion's fishy mouth has some wicked fangs, although most of them are on his bottom jaw, giving the fish a small underbite. Minion's eyes are a bright brown. The robot body Minion gets around in is large, and looks vaguely like a metal gorilla. The top of the robot, where there would be a head, is a large tank, where Minion himself resides.



Minion, in a nutshell, is a very nice and friendly fish. Even when he was serving as a hench-fish for Megamind in his villainous plans, he was polite to their frequent kidnappee, Roxanne Ritchi. Minion is also incredibly loyal, taking care of and helping Megamind all through his life, and only ever leaving his side when told that he 'Wasn't needed anymore', and even then, he eventually came back to help Megamind. Minion is very obedient as well and often tries to give sound advice to those he cares about, although he won't push too much if they refuse to listen. Minion's very observant, and is very smart, although he's not exactly a genius.


Minion's two most recognizable skills are cooking and making/designing . Both are things he enjoys doing, and he'll make anything for anyone, if asked nicely, although Miss Ritchi and Megamind get first dibs on whatever he makes. He's also pretty good at building things, since he helps Megamind in creating his machines.