Character Information
Full Name Ms. Lunette Vivian Malizio
Aliases Miss Kitty
Gender Female
Race Anitra/Daemon
Date of Birth December 16th, ????
Height / Weight 5 feet, 4 inches | ??? lbs.
Homeworld Ahn'Imret
Residence(s) The Moonshine Tavern
Occupation(s) Hostess, Brewmaster, Cook
Moral Alignment True Neutral
Date of Arrival May 18th, 2014
Player Information
Roleplayer(s) Fox
Type Original Characters
Status Active
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“What can I do for you, dear? Purr~♫”

Lunette owns and operates the Moonshine Tavern, located on the outskirts of the city. She is a very affectionate and kind woman, often putting others before herself. She is very cat-like, which would make sense considering she's a feline!


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Lunette stands about 5 ft and 4 inches, though that's with heels, which she usually wears. Her fur is near white, and she has seal point markings akin to a Siamese, though her tail only has the tip colored. Her eyes are a piercing blue, and she has a small beauty mark underneath her left eye, on her cheek. Lunette's hair comes down to her hips, and is usually curled near her face--it's of a deep, rich purple coloration.

Unbeknownst to most, her coloration come from her father, who was a daemon. Only her looks and figure came from her mother, who was a pure Anitra of the feline variety.

She has pink paw pads on her feet, and usually has her contractible nails colored a deep pink. Her neck is always adorned with a choker that contains a stone that changes colors with her mood.


Affectionate and loving, Lunette is very not afraid to show physical contact to others, purring and hugging them without permission. Though she's gotten better in regard to physical contact, she still enjoys cuddling and being very catty, rubbing her cheek against a loved one's cheek or giving kisses. She won't be as physical or sweet to newcomers, but she is welcoming and tries to help them out.

While she doesn't really enjoy kids, she has grown rather maternal for Livewire, and, recently, Ttone. Being motherly is new to her, but she seems to know her way around such subjects--particularly when a child needs comforting.

Despite her usually perky nature, she does grow sad, usually when alone for too long or when she's unable to help a friend in need. Lunette can be stubborn and persistent, and brash to new people.