Kev's Cottage

Kev's Cottage


A quaint, cozy little cottage with its back to the woods and face to a serene meadow in front. A creek runs nearby, making it the perfect home for one Kev-Mak-Tar.


In the lolling meadows is a quaint cottage, fixed up by Kev. It faces a serene meadow, while behind the house is a creek that flows into the forest. The property line is drawn by a stone fence, which also prevents the flock of colorful sheep and llama from going too far. The fence extends from the woods to an old dirt road that winds past the cottage. From this, is a small trodden path that leads to the house.

The porch is of old stone, winding over to beneath the window. A wooden bench sits beneath the windows. During the summer there is a wide variety of flowers and shrubs growing around the cottage, making the place a lovely sight indeed. Once one gets over the initial beauty of the outside, they may find themselves wondering into the cottage.

Upon opening the door, there is a short hall that leads to a larger room that is the kitchen and living room. The walls are a yellow color, the floor a warm reddish wood. Before even exiting the hall, there is a stone fireplace, with carved birds from Jo, one on either side of a vase from Liz and Hellboy. In front of the fireplace is a couch; and two chairs with their backs to the kitchen. Between the chairs and the couch is a coffee table, occasionally holding books on it. The kitchen is small, and doubles as the small dining room. Also in the kitchen is a french door that leads the the ivy covered patio that has a nice white wicker table and chairs. Away from that, one may decide to venture up the L-shaped stairs to the second floor.


A perfect cottage nestled in the Samba Heartlands, Kev calls it home and visitors are nearly always welcome.


Kev lives here along with his many animals.

  • Llama (Llama)
  • Biddy (English Sheepdog)
  • Lula, Glen, Lavender, Bessie, Suzy, and Felicia (Sheep)
  • Shally (Calico Cat)
  • Oscar (Miniature Pnscher)
  • Percy (English Bulldog)
  • Chester (Ordon Goat)
  • Crowley Wowley Wonder Pie, Zurgykins Magoo, and Dr. Dingus Pants (Box Turtles)
  • Metus (Great Dane)


  • Contrary to the occasional belief, Llama is not a giraffe.
  • A robot named Marvin is also found in Lovers' meadow.
  • Nym lived here for a while with his 'father', before moving to the surrounding grassland area when he digivolved into a form too big to fit in the cottage.