Kindle Forest

The Kindle Forest is a temperate rainforest and the primary sylvan region of Portal Breach.


Dark, foreboding, and sinister, the Forest beyond the sprawling touches of civilization is home to the more elusive members of Portal Breach. The air is damp with the fog, which is thick like pudding and constantly dances around one's ankles. The only gleam of light you can see through the twisted, knotted roots of the old trees are the twinkling eyes of stooping bats and owls. There isn't much to see here save for toadstools and overturned mossy rocks, but rumor has it that a graveyard is cloistered in the midst of this eerie atmosphere as well as nocturnal creatures that may feed on something other than animal flesh. However, there are also those who deny this claim and have made this area their hideout in order to seek seclusion. Which, therefore, is the truth? That there is something dangerous lurking in these woods, or that it's all just old wives' tales?


While part of the forest lays just north of the Samba Heartlands to the north side of Portal City, most of it is situated just north of the easternmost reached of the Boolean Mountains.


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