House of Thorns
Plot Details
Plot Type Localized Pre-Plot
Plot Dates Feb-March 2014
Plot Coordinator Bansh, Kylie
Deaths 13

What was it?Edit

"Unbeknownst to the Citizens of Portal Breach a force has begun to move, but for now the users have their own problems to worry about. And sound of thunder, and a quake are the only notions to the prelude. From the depths of the forest, briar and thorn erupt, turning the once peaceful Kindle Forest into a dark and twisted prison. All is silent, but the tendrils thorns every so slowly creep towards the city unheeded in its progress to strangle all in its path.
It is up to brave souls to venture forth and see if the approaching thicket can be stopped."

Detailed SummaryEdit


Eridan Ampora Aradia Megido Knock Out Alexander Aqua
Nyreena Joshua Sir Meta Knight Ninetails Judge Fear
Vaati Jak Mar Memnarch Bun-Bun Prixlezub

By some means or another, the above users caught wind of what was happening around the forest. They went to investigate the thorns and wound up finding a path through them. After following a running rose bush and losing Jak to the brambles, they found a quaint cottage in the middle of a thicket. With the thorns ever encroaching, they had no choice but to enter.

Inside, they found clues for a potion to make but very little information on what was happening outside. Through various searches and the rash actions of a couple of their group's members, they all seemed set to make the brew and attempt to escape. However, the reanimated body of the house's former owner came to life and attacked the party.

Plot ManagementEdit

Sign-Up Requirements: Sign-ups ended on Monday, February 10th. Roleplayers are not to sign-up as more than one character.

Pacing: Daily

Management: Plot Coordinators take turns posting the plot post for each day. Posting stats (post count, word count etc) tracked on online spreadsheet.

Threads Breakdown: (Total count - 8)

  1. Sign up thread - OOC Plot Discussion
  2. Update Thread - A list of threads related to the plot and advice on where to post and react to.
  3. Brother, How I Love You So... - IC set up thread
  4. The Creeping Shade - IC set up thread
  5. Danger on the Horizon - IC set up thread
  6. Second Verse, Same as the First! - IC news broadcast and participant reactions
  7. Into the Woods - Plot Participants' response to the news
  8. Into the Woods - Boss Fight! - Continued from the previous thread. Was originally part of the Into the Woods proper, but was split off once the number of posts and pages became too high to navigate easily.

Deviations from Original Plan:

Final OutcomeEdit

3 characters died due to gaining maximum posting strikes.

Everybody else died, except for Jay (Prixlezub) who departed prematurely from plot due to OOC reasons.

The final boss faded away, along with the thorns in the Kindle Forest proper.