Nestled within the Kindle Forest, the graveyard is a quiet place of rest for those since passed. It is protected and watched over digilently by the young Sheikah, Aicara. There are several graves both marked and unmarked for citizens that once were, and quite possibly even some that were pulled to the Breach as the graveyard formed here. It is a sanctuary, and although most of those here are no longer living, trespassing and other such actions will not be tolerated.


Settled around the thick of the trees of this seciton of the forest and lined with short cliffs of stone, the graveyard is surprisingly peaceful. Near the entrace of the graveyard sits the graveyard cottage, home to Aicara. Past several rows of graves and up in part of the cliffs lies the mostly inaccessible entrance to the Shadow Temple.


A place of solitude that existed since the early days of Portal Breach is secluded off in the quiet sections of the forest and out of th eprying eyes of the public. It was once uninhabited other than having ghosts and spirits wander about.



The only undead creature other than Stalfos and the occasional ReDead to rise in the graveyard thus far has been Judge Fear.