Plot Details
Plot Type Main Plot
Plot Dates Jan-March 2012
Plot Coordinator Seph
Deaths 0

What was it?Edit

Father Alexander Anderson and his faithful brood of Iscariot XIII memebers take their war against the unholy onto the citizens of Portal Breach, beginning the purge of all that is unnatural.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Father Anderson seeks to finish what he started, memebers of the Iscariot amassed at the church beginning the machinations against all creatures that consider to be damned. Furthering this ploy, they kidnap various memebers of the community and hold them captive beneath the church.

Plot ManagementEdit

Sign-Up Requirements: Posting via sign up thread.

Pacing: Daily

Management: Seph

Threads Breakdown:

Deviations from Original Plan: A year to two year splot between the plot due to circumstances.

Final OutcomeEdit

Iscariot XIII forces are descimated and Anderson in a final attempt to purge uses the dreaded artifact Helena's Nail to increase his power but at the price of becoming a monster. In the end, the Portal Breach citizen prevail and Alexander Anderson and his flock are no more, nothing but memeories in a ruined church.