Daemon Wastes

The Daemon Wastes are the desert region of Portal Breach.


The Wastelands are a desert-like region resting to the east of Portal City, with surprisingly a great number of inhabitants. However, the earth is dead and barren, with little to no explores daring to venture within its borders due to the heat and lack of friendly neighbors. Vegetation cover is sparse to almost nonexistent, with a large diurnal and seasonal temperature range, including high daytime and low nighttime temperatures due to extremely low humidity. In hot deserts, the temperature in the daytime can reach 45 °C/113 °F or even higher in the summer, and dip to 0 °C/32 °F or lower at night-time during winter. Water vapor in the atmosphere acts to trap long wave infrared radiation from the ground, and dry desert air is incapable of blocking sunlight during the day (due to the absence of clouds) or trapping heat during the night. Thus, during daylight, most of the sun's heat reaches the ground, but as soon as the sun sets the desert cools quickly by radiating its heat into space.

The wastelands sometimes contain valuable mineral deposits that were formed in the arid environment or were accidentally exposed by erosion. Due to the extreme and consistent dryness, some deserts are ideal places for the natural preservation of artifacts and fossils. But the Wastelands have little to no animal life, only containing the occasional monster which is usually worm-like or scorpion-like. Some scarce flora includes shrubs, prickly pears, desert holly, and the brittle-bush.


The Daemon Wastes are situated south of the largest part of the Boolean Mountains and northwest of the Samba Heartlands.


The shfiting sands keep the wastelands from becoming too popular of a destination, but there have been various areas that have sprung up and disappeared over the years.

Notable FeaturesEdit


  • There are a few oases that dot the landscape.