Cordelia Lake

Cordelia Lake is a sizable freshwater lake nestled in the eastern region of the Samba Heartlands.


Situated far from the City and situated comfortably between the Grasslands and Forest, Cordelia Lake remains pristine and untouched, an area many have heard of but not many have dared to venture out to and explore. It is an area swath in crystalline blue waters, where the fish are plenty and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There is a small village by the water's edge, the locals up there are as kind as they are hearty, their generous hospitality well-suited for the bountiful wildlife all around.

The trees here are tall and evergreen, many staying the same color all four seasons, its trees connected to the woods of the Mountains and those of the more sinister Forest to the south. The birds and indigenous animals that grace this area add some much-needed color to the area that the plant-life lacks. Here, adventurers looking for quests or journeys will find not a dragon, but a legendary lake creature that is said to make the rains come and go...

Travelers would do wise to stay out of the deep waters after sunset.


With its clear waters, quaint village, and mysterious cathedral, this natural lake is a smaller, freshwater companion to the Analog Sea. It shares much in common with the surrounding grasslands, but is still very much its own area.


Despite its prominent place in the Samba Heartlands, not much is known about the lake save the pristine, natural image it presents.

Notable FeaturesEdit