Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board

Got a quest? Need something taken care of? Possibly a challenge? This is the place where citizens of Portal Breach may extend their calls for aid.


An extremely large bulletin board is located in the center of Portal City. No one can help but notice it as they walk by, drawn by all the adverts and challenges plstered upon its surface. What with the number of people that go by on a daily basis, it was no wonder that the Bulletin Board was placed here. You got a request? Challenge? Job opening? Looking for something else entirely? Browse what's available, or make your own listing. The possibilities are endless! The Bulletin Board is definitely the place to go if you need something done fast and lack the time and ability to do it yourself.


Aside from an area for general bulletins, the Bulletin Board has three additional sections to help the citizens better navigate the array of postings.

  • Requests
  • Job Openings
  • Challenges


The Bulletin Board has been around nearly as long as the city itself has, and even though its activity tends to fluctuate, it is always there for the citizens.

Notable FeaturesEdit

The Bulletin Board might seem a bit old-fashioned in the high-tech world of Portal City, but it is still incredibly reliable. It even includes writing implements for those that might have forgotten one!


  • Whilst posted with a reasonable frequency, Challenges are not always responded to.