Arro profile1
Character Information
Full Name Árrögath
Aliases Arro
Gender Male
Race Drai
Age Roughly 20 years
Date of Birth unknown
Height / Weight 7'8 / 497 lbs
Homeworld Earth
Moral Alignment Chaotic Good
Date of Arrival 2009-05-07
Player Information
Roleplayer(s) Graphitedragon
Type Original Character
Status Active
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“Why are you pointing at me with your mouth agape like that?”

A young dragon from the Earth's far future.


Smaller than you'd expect, Arro isn't a dragon in the traditional sense. He is compact, lithe, and relatively light weight. The words scrawny and lanky may come to mind. He is neither reptile nor mammal, instead dragons (or drai as they call themselves) belong to a group of creatures unique among the animal kingdom. Warm blooded, hollow boned, six limbed and covered in scales rooted to the body via fine feathers. Their existence among vertebrates of a primarily four-limbed disposition is a bit of a mystery.

Arro himself was born smaller than most and continued to be a runt into his adolescence, not that anyone notices now that he's arrived in the breach. Born into a world where past events had left most drai relatively drab in tone, Arro instead grew from a rustic brown into a bright flaming red. He is not completely uniform in colour, and his scales vary slightly in saturation, hue and tone across his body. Generally growing darker at his extremities. His horns are composed of partially hollow-honeycombed bone, with the outside covering and tines being generated via keratin. They flow over the back of his head following the general arch of his neck in order to offer the least possible amount of wind resistance.

His talons, his primary weaponry, are black, his eyes a yellow ochre. The pupils of which can dilate and shift in size from engorged rounded pupils to small cat-like slits. His hands and feet resemble those of a bird of prey's for the most part, except that a dragon's hands possess thumbs and dexterity capable of manipulating objects.

Other fun facts include a length of roughly 21 ft, (though this is mostly made up of his long tail) and a wingspan of 40 ft. A small tail fan supported by caudal ribs is positioned behind his hips for steering during flight.