Apache Coastline

Situated on the southeastern part of the main continent of Portal Breach, the Apache Coastline is part of the Oceanic Server.


Away from the dark forests and bustling metropolis of Portal City sprawls the calm seaside and turbulent Analog Sea. Bask in the warmth of a lazy sun, or swim in waters so clear you can see ten yards ahead; the choice is yours. The coastal area is especially diverse, with lush, tropical beaches and steep cliff sides that most no one dares to scale. Walking along the seaside will certainly take you more than a day, so the locals have often pinpointed various areas of interest; local restaurants, beaches, and the occasional docking area for those small boats and fishermen.


A long stretch of beaches, the Apache Coastline sits to the southeast of the Samba Heartlands, and to the southwest of the city. It features sandy as well as rocky beaches, and all sorts of calm and rough surf areas depending on the tides.


Notable FeaturesEdit

  • Neptune's Trident
  • Tally's Shack
  • The Imps' House (インプの家)
  • The Trolls' Hive